The One Planet Standard

We have compiled some brief notes below on the standard. The purpose is to highlight the benefits, create a better understanding of the standard, and show the process you could undertake.

The end goal of the Standard is for all of an organisation’s activity, as well as achieving its primary aim, to further the future security of humanity and the natural environment. The protocol helps them to be holistic and take the entire organisation with them. Understanding the requirements of the One Planet Standard will help:

  • senior leaders shape strategic direction
  • leaders and managers implement change
  • staff shift the corporate culture
  • customers, suppliers and service contractors manage product and service life cycles, and
  • contribute to partnership working.

The One Planet Standard supports continuous improvement, with a Plan > Do > Check > Act virtuous improvement loop.

Plan-do-check-act continuous improvement cycle diagram

Organisations may set their own goals, with milestones, over a chosen time scale. Goals that organisations can set will involve greater efficiency, reducing raw materials use, tackling the lifecycle ecological footprint, cutting energy use and pollution, and reversing the damage to nature. They will move beyond net zero carbon and into the circular economy. Social, community, health, justice and well-being goals can be set too. It’s entirely up to you. Social and ecological value can therefore be captured.

The three levels of the One Planet Standard are:

  • Bronze (commitment)
  • Silver (accredited), and
  • Gold (certification).

The Standard guarantees performance consistent with other environmental and social legislation, including the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (Wales) and Sustainable Development Goal indicators. It is complementary to and compatible with other standards, such as B-Corps.

We offer a self-assessment tool, and a team of assessors that can offer advice and accreditation on site and remotely. When you have been accredited you are given the logo for the relevant level of achievement, allowing you to publicise your achievement.

We offer all types of support, should you need it, for policies and strategies, actions and metrics, to help you tailor the Standard to your particular needs.

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