How to use the One Planet Standard

  1. Develop your policy using the Standard’s principles, based on the type of activities and the type of organisation you are.
  2. Use our library of proven solutions and resources for ideas, and to choose targets, timelines and KPIs that are appropriate for you.
  3. Target Scope 1 and 2 impacts (your own direct ones) first, then Scope 3 (those in your supply chains and that you can influence in your clients and customers).
  4. Arrive at policies, strategies, roadmaps and targets using the Five Ways of Working. Seek support from us at the One Planet Centre if required.
  5. Use your KPIs to conduct a baseline evaluation and a benchmarking survey to discover your current environmental impact (ecological footprint).
  6. Devise a roadmap to reduce your ecological footprint to ‘one planet’ over your chosen time period.
  7. Accompany this with strategies for attaining short, medium and long-term milestone targets for different topics such as energy, food, resource management, transport, natural environment and buildings.
  8. Give each action stream yearly interim targets.
  9. Assign operational actions to individuals and departments in their job descriptions. Give training where necessary.
  10. Find and act upon any quick wins.
  11. Set in place monitoring systems for the KPIs. Make progress publicly available within the organisation

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