Andrew Williams,

Technical and Environmental Manager,

Brecon Carreg

The standard offers a fresh way of thinking without greenwashing.

The concept of the One Planet Standard is excellent and really challenges conventional accreditations such as ISO 14001, however, there is a greater emphasis on ecology, biodiversity and sustainability. In light of recent events reported in the media, I truly believe that this is a fresh and innovative way of thinking and how businesses and organisations need to adapt. The Standard is clearly broken down into easily digestible sections.

The length of the standard is more than sufficient, based on other standards I have come across and clearly explains how the standard can be met.  Good emphasis is placed on the involvement of everyone within an organisation in helping to achieve the aims of the standard, which is key for its success within an organisation. The key selling point is the action of producing a roadmap that we can follow, which would help get people involved and get their buy-in. 

Many of the topics of the standard complement much of what is being reported in the media regarding our planet and what we have to do to protect nature and ensure we have a planet suitable and habitable for future generations. We often hear from politicians that after the pandemic, we won’t go back to business as usual, therefore I hope in particular WAG, support and promote the implementation of the standard, as I believe it focuses on many of the comments they are making regarding a green-recovery and focus on reducing carbon-footprint and zero-carbon economy.

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