Andrea Lewis,

Deputy Leader,

Swansea Council

We do have a good track record, but it is critically important to have that independent analysis.  Not to mark our own homework, as it were.  This is the reason why we have signed up for the One Planet Standard and why it is so important to us.  It is really important that the Standard measures ecological and climate actions, unlike many other standards that tend to be more carbon focused.

Its commitments link to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act…all our policies and strategies are integral and intrinsically linked to the Future Generations Act with every decision that we take, and we know that this is very important and aligned to the One Standard approach.

There is also the benefit of shared learning.  If we have one organisation independently reviewing and analysing what we are doing, there’s definitely a benefit of the shared learning and good practice that is happening in other local authorities and other organisations and we can constantly benefit from that.

I am delighted to be here today in support of the One Planet Standard.  This will help with our actions and outcomes.  It’s absolutely the right thing for us to do.  Yes, we have a good track record but there is so much more work to do in terms of engaging with the public and making sure we bring them on the journey with us because we can’t as a Council do this in isolation and achieve those goals on our own.  We have to do it together.

Speaking at COP26 11th November 2021

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